The true crime novel, The Accuser, now available on Amazon and at book stores.

 It is the harrowing story of the New Bedford, MA gang rape victim who inspired the movie The Accused starring Oscar-winner Jodie Foster. 

The victim died in South Florida in an apparent single vehicle accident before the movie came out. 


The life and death of Cheryl Ann Araujo

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 The true crime story of the big dan's Gang rape victim 

The Accuser

 Cheryl Araujo and her family were forced to leave Massachusetts and relocate to Miami due to death threats after the rape trials.

Still she mysteriously ended up dead. ​

Through extensive investigative reporting, The Accuser explores the cause of the fatal crash, the effect her rape trials had on media coverage with cameras in the courtroom, and her influence on today's #MeToo movement.

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